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Ask yourself the following questions, then click on which style of camera below, you think might be for you.

? What do I need the camera for?

As an everyday family camera, sometimes used at events or holidays, a serious hobby camera or as a money-earning tool?

? How much money do I want to spend?

Prices vary from Άζ100 up to Άζ8,000 for a top professional digital SLR. Work out where you fit in and remember to include peripherals and accessories (Memory cards, cases, bags, filters etc.) in your budget.

? Will I want to upgrade in the future?

The chances are that as you progress and learn with this hobby/profession, you will no doubt want to upgrade later on. Get a camera now that will meet you requirements now AND in the near future.

? Do I want to make money from photography?

If you are looking at making a living from photography, or using it as a side-line, you will need mid-range and slightly more expensive kit. I would recommend the Semi Professional DSLR (bottom left!)

? Will I want to be more creative with manual controls?

Will you want to take Macro (Close up) shots, need a zoom lens for wildlife or want to take photos at night. Think about how you will use the camera and read up accordingly.

? How big do I want to print the photographs?

The size of the sensor in the camera has a direct bearing on how big the files will print on paper without losing quality. If you will need constantly large prints (over 10" x 8"), you will need 6 mega pixels and upwards. Remember, it is the size of the sensor in digital cameras that counts!


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