Advice for New Digital Camera Users

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Advice for New Digital Camera Users

Dulles, VA August, 2003 -- With friends and families living farther apart these days and prices of digital cameras falling, more and more people are relying on digital cameras as tools to share their lives with distant loved ones. Digital cameras are not just for techies anymore. Approximately 24 million digital cameras were sold in 2002 alone.

But, like with any other computer accessory, people must learn how to use new software in order to use their digital cameras effectively. This can be daunting to both young and old alike. In her new book The First Week with My New Digital Camera, the fourth book in the First Week series, Pamela Lessing shows everyone how to edit, save and send digital photos simply and in a non-patronizing tone.

Lessing describes what is going on inside the camera when you take a digital photo, how to download them into your computer or web site, edit, send, and store them. She makes clear all the wonders of digital cameras and the software programs that allow you to keep all those precious photos safe.

Pamela R. Lessing has had a very diverse career as a librarian, art consultant, and member of advisory boards of numerous nonprofit organizations, including the Trustee's Council of the University of Rochester and its visiting evaluation committee.

She is the author of Chinese Snuff Bottles from the Pamela R. Lessing Friedman Collection, The First Week with My New PC (Capital Books, 2000), The First Week with My New iMac (Capital, 2001), and The First Week with My New Digital Organizer (Capital, 2002). Ms. Lessing lives with her family in Boulder, Colorado.


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