Canon PowerShot A300

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Canon PowerShot A300

Most users agree the Canon PowerShot A300 is the best bang for your buck. With average price range of $200 it offers great value for a 3.2 megapixel camera. It offers very high image quality in a compact package, with excellent resolution and color purity.

The PowerShot A300 is equipped with a 33mm f/3.6 (35mm equivalent) moderate wide angle lens, suitable for scenic views and group portraits, as well as general photography. A built-in 5.1x digital zoom facility enhances reach, creating an effective maximum zoom length of 168mm(35mm equivalent).
Stylishly designed with a silver body finish, the PowerShot A300 has a sliding lens cover and sleek rounded corners, creating an extremely attractive and modern looking camera.

The PowerShot A300 delivers high resolution images, measuring 2048x1536 pixels which are suitable for printing up to A4 size prints and the cameras 5-point AiAF (Artificial intelligence Auto Focus) system ensures that the subject is perfectly focused even when not in the center of the frame.

A 60 second voice memo can accompany each image captured, while in movie mode, clips of up to 3 minutes may be recorded with sound. A special high resolution movie-mode is capable of recording 30 seconds of moving images in VGA resolution.

Canon has used its unique DIGIC (DIGital Imaging Core) processor in the PowerShot A300 to ensure excellent colour reproduction and clear subject detail. Using the DIGIC processor the camera is able to combine light metering and focusing information, as well as area brightness data, to determine what sort of subject is being photographed. With this information the PowerShot A300 is better able to provide the best exposure, colour balance and autofocus performance. In addition, the PowerShot A300 is able to determine which way up the camera is being used so that portraits and upright shots can be automatically rotated in-camera for on-screen viewing.


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