Animation and 3-D software


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Animation and 3-D software
Genesis IIPhotorealistic landscape rendering software, with landscape editor, surface/camera/light/atmosphere/water rendering,
plug-in interface, egology/vegetation, terrain areas, etc. Free and non-free versions are available.
Blender3D Freeware, open-source. Blender is a cross plaform 3D creation suite, allowing fully integrated modeling, animation,
rendering, post production and interactive 3D creation and playback.
We are in the process of bringing back the old Blender product website. For the time being check for more info.
Blender download page."; target="_blank
3DBase 3D modeling and animation program with a small set of easy to understand functions. Very suitable for 3D-beginners. Windows.
POV Ray Free program for creating realistic three-dimensional images and animations. Versions available for
Windows 95/98/NT, DOS, MAC, Linux i86, SunOS, Amiga.
Source code available for those wanting to create versions for other operating systems.
TeddyFreeware for Windows, MAC, Linux, Solaris, written in Java.
Teddy is a sketch-based 3D modeling program, enabling you to make interesting 3D models just by drawing freeform strokes.
3DPLUS 2 3D effects and animations. Transform plain text into 3D works of art with just a few clicks of your mouse.
3-D Schrift GeneratorFree program to create 3-D texts. The Web site and program are in German.
PlantStudioFreeware tool for creating 3D plant models and 2D illustrations. PlantStudio simulates herbaceous (non-woody) plants like wildflowers and cut flowers, vegetables, weeds, grasses, and herbs using a parameter-driven simulation of plant growth and structure. You can "grow" plants over their life cycles, producing lifelike images at any age. You can design, animate and breed a wide variety of plants. By using the "evolutionary arts" of variation and selection in the plant breeder, you can quickly and easily create whole families of unique plants for your 3D scenes.
Tree Magic Shape MakerFreeware program for creating 3D shapes. Flowers, glasses, goblets, amphoras, pipes, tubes, logs, caves and other shapes are possible.
Anim8orFreeware 3D modeling and character animation program.


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